Scientific Update: Flow Chemistry & Continuous Processing Conference

Boston, MA, USA

Join us in Boston at Scientific Update’s Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference to discover why we’re the experts you’ll enjoy working with.

At the 6th annual Flow Chemistry and Continuous Processing Conference, innovation meets efficiency in the world of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This cutting-edge event brings together experts, researchers, and industry leaders in chemistry and chemical engineering to explore the latest advancements in flow chemistry and continuous processing techniques.

Discover how innovations in techniques and reactor design are transforming traditional batch processes into streamlined, sustainable, and cost-effective operations. Attendees can expect insightful presentations, a chance to meet the leading global suppliers of continuous processing reactors and state of the art process analytical technology platforms, and networking opportunities with speakers, sponsors, and other delegates- all aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The conference will cover all aspects of continuous chemical processing including process optimization and scale-up (both from early enabling development work to late-stage manufacturing), tools and techniques for monitoring and ensuring the quality of products in continuous processes and industrial case studies highlighting the successful implantation of continuous processes to solve real-world problems.

This conference provides a unique platform for experts and practitioners to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, fostering a sustainable and innovative future for the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become part of the flow chemistry community and join the flow chemistry and continuous processing revolution.

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